Google Acquires Mobile Device Management Startup Divide.


Google Acquires Mobile Device Management Startup Divide. 

Google has recently decided to acquire and interesting bring your own device (BYOD) application around.

The company has recently announced that it had manage to acquire the company formerly known as Enterproid, Divide, an application that creates a secured network environment on Android phone and iPhones.

Divide has had invested which included Google Ventures, in which as of recently led their latest funding round gaining them over $12 million. The company has manage to raise a total of $25 million so far, other investors also included Comcast Ventures and Qualcomm Ventures.

The Works.

Basically, Divide gives the user phone a split personality between their work and persona applications. Divide doesn’t affect what the use can install on the personal side of their phone, but it gives IT administrators control over the working side. It’s a greate compromise between handling a seperate personal work devices.

This recent acquisition by Google does make some sense, as this cloud improve Android strength among the choice of enterprises. Divide has also offered an iPhone application, but its may not stick around for much longer considering the recent circumstances.

During a posted statement on their website, Divided has pointed out that it will be joining Google’s Android team. While Google has never been shy from offering its application towards other platform, it wouldn’t be much of a smart move on their part to allow the iOS version of Divide to continue working of iPhones. Google has already begun to lose their piece of the market to iOS devices, by taking away the application, they could be delivering a blow to the Apple brand.

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