Google Acquires Restaurant Site Builder Appetas.


Google Acquires Restaurant Site Builder Appetas.

Seems Google appetite is insatiable as they have recently acquired a restaurant review site, Appetas. While they may have one of the most strongest properties in the restaurant industry around, there was no way for people to interact and provide and a some simple feed back on their favorite eating place. With this recent purchase for Appetas, Google should be able to deal with this problem, possible crippling the much troubled Yelp in the meantime.


Appetas is a site that allows a restaurant to create a simple, yet intuitive website in seconds. An industry developed around all sorts of creativity, Appetas takes on the technological side of things and makes them much simpler. Their site are also quite amazing for mobile devices, giving it a real feeling of cross-platforming experience and allowing better discover functions.

Along with this recent acquisition, with terms that have not been disclosed at the moment, Appetas will being to launch its service and transition customer new platforms. The service will, of course, work along side Google’s offerings, though neither Appetas or Google are willing to comment much about it yet. The most logical way of think is that Appetas will be a service within Zagat, giving it a some of the features it lacked before being acquired by Google.


At the moment, Appetas is offering many third-party service for reservation and gift card puchases from places like Foursquare and Open Table. It’s not know currently if this service shall be up for much long, nor on how exactly this new service shall work with Google’s restaurant review system.

For Now, Google is encouraging its users to log onto Google+ and leave some reviews, which can be discovered through searches. This system shall be seen though several iterations to try and help it move along, most notably through various local outreach program such as Google City Experts. Though Google wont comment on how well the program has been doing so far a simple comparison to review there and Yelp over a similar time frame has show that it needs some help.

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