Google Aims For Smartwatches by Revealing Android Wear Project.


Google Aims For Smartwatches by Revealing Android Wear Project. 

Smartwatches that can be voice-controlled and tracking a person heart rates that connect to phone and tablet devices, will soon be making its debut sometime later in the year as Google partners up with electronics, technology and fashion companies to take consumers to take the next big step in computer-kind.

The Unveiling 

During Tuesday, Google had revealed plans to aid in the development of watches and other wearable electronics based on its Android mobile operating system, which currently runs on ore than three out of four smartphone sold globally. The Android Wear project, as its being called, opens up to software makes to create applications for watches, putting Google as the front of efforts to jumpstart the upcoming wearable computing market.

This news came with a whirl of mass speculation around Apple plans to create wearable computing devices, which includes smartwatches as well. Tim Cook Apples Chief Executive had promised a new “product categories” later this year.

A video was posted up on Google’s blog during Tuesday displaying people speaking into the watches to check for various things like sports scores, replying to text messages, controlling music, and even opening a home garages.


By teaming up with a wide assortment of partners in order to develop the smartwatches, Google is hoping to replicate the success they had previously managed to achieve with their free Android software that is current the most popular operating system for smartphones, said analysts.

LG Electronics had spoken on Tuesday that it would introduce their first Android watch, the G watch, during its second quarter. Motorola also spoke of its Moto 360 Android watch becoming available during the summer time. Fossil Group Inc, creators behind various watches, handbags, and other accessories, has also announced its partnership of working with Google on Android devices.

With this recent surge of wearable technology, many have come to believe it to be the next big shift in technology, just as smartphones had changed into personal computers, although these change have had various companies so far have had mixed feelings.

Google’s announcement “definitely gives wearables a status that it’s a market in its own right and it needs to be treated with the respect that a separate operating system branch gives it,” said Carolina Milanesi, an analyst with Kantar World Panel.


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