Google Chromecast Reaches Millions, Global Expansion Coming Soon.



Google Chromecast Reaches Millions, Global Expansion Coming Soon.

Google Chromecast sales seem to be growing, while the company hasn’t revealed the sales figure for the gadget, but they have mentioned that as right after the launch of the HDMI device that they had underestimated the demand for it. The $35 device became an instant hit as soon as it hit the markets during the previous year, even with its availability currently only in the U.S, Google has been speculating in releasing it internationally.

During SXSW today, Sundar Pichai, Google’s Android Cheif, told the audience that Chromecast sales are now within the “million” and they are continuing to grow even more active. A while back a United Kingdom retailer had its availability list listed for March 1st but was later illuminated to be provisional

Chromcast World-wide.

Pichai also commented that Chromecast will a begun to release in more countries during the next couple of coming weeks, although he did not go into details on which country would most likely receive this popular high-tech gizmo. Rumors that have previously spread around have suggested that places like the United Kingdom, might be the first to receive the Chromecast.

It has not been made clearly of when Google will be officially launching its Chromecast in other countires,with pricing is   most likely going to be different in each region and country of the would. The $35 device has done a really smooth job at streaming content to a TV, and now that SDK has been opened up, developers can create some pretty amazing applications for the device.



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