Google Exciting SDK Launch For Wearable Technology.


Google Exciting SDK Launch For Wearable Technology.

Google has recently deiced to release a SDK that will help manufacturers and developers put Android on smartwatches and other wearable products, was announced at SXSW In Austin, Texas, by Google SVP of Android and Chrome, Sundar Pichai.

Pichai mention the software framework is a “vision for developers of how we see this market working” and it confirms rumours of Google eyeballing the wearable market. The wearable SDK will most likely be for more lower-grade hardware and connect into the sensors found on smartwatches.

SDK For Developers.

Before this release most smartwatch developer had to rely on jerry-rigged and heavily modified Android code intended for smartphones and tablets. As we have viewed from the original Galaxy Gear released back in September 2013, this can be quite difficult, and maybe why Samsung had decide to choose Tizen as its second operating system.

Google hasn’t named any potential partners for the use of this Android wearable SDK, but considering the nature behind Android, this will be available for everyone. If certain rumors are to believed, Google has decided to team up with LG for a smartwatch launch in June. When asked, Pichai had remained silent on any plans.

Wearable Trend.

Wearables have become the new recent trend for the industry, With Pebble gain tract during 2013, Samsung right behind them, and Sony making taking a bigger stand as the smartphone market begins to decrease in speed. Apple and HTC have also hinted to creating a wearable smartwatch in development.

Only time will tell where this industry technology is heading and if it will be a successfully profitable industry.


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