Google Feels “an immediate threat” Of A YouTube Ban In Turkey.


Google Feels “an immediate threat” Of A YouTube Ban In Turkey.

Turkey’s ensuing battle against Net censorship continue to sizzle, with the government apparently blocking the most recent method that allowed citizens to sidestep the Twitter ban. with the White house showing serious concern over the ban, and Google has been refusing request from Turkish authorities to take done YouTube videos that have painted the prime minister in a negative manner.

Blocked Access.

Turkish newspapers have reported that the Turkish government has managed to block the Google service that allowed the citizens to tweet, on saturday. By setting either a PC or mobile device to Google’s DNS IP address of had let citizens sneak pass the bans. This method was spread around by graffiti displaying the phrase “DNS″ was even sighted in Turkey. helping the word to be spread. Unfortunately by Saturday the government managed to restrict acces to Google’s DNS.

The White House issued a statement that condemns Turkey’s blocking of “access to basic communication tools.” As reported by The Switch, Press Secretary Jay Carney delivered the remarks, saying, “We oppose this restriction on the Turkish people’s access to information, which undermines their ability to exercise freedoms of expression and association and runs contrary to the principles of open governance that are critical to democratic governance.” Carney said the White House had conveyed its concerns to the Turkish government.

Stand off.

In the meantime, Google continued to ignore requests from Turkish official to remove YouTube videos that show government corruption running rampant. These videos include a recording that feature the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erodgan himself, instructing his son to hide money from investigators, which Erdogen has called them fakes.

“We support a free and open Internet throughout the world and are concerned whenever and wherever it comes under threat,” Google, also feels “an immediate threat” of a YouTube ban in Turkey as well.

During Thursday, Turkish courts managed to take Twitter offline for the country’s population of 76 million citizens prompted actions by Erdogan. Well know for his audacious critic for social networks, Erdogan has threatened to “wipe out” the site due to recent events of a political corruption scandal that has embarrassed the government through news,videos, and images posted up on various websites.

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