Google Glass Developer Augmedix Raises $3.2M in Funding.


Google Glass Developer Augmedix Raises $3.2M in Funding.

Augmedix is one of the few startups that has emerged from the scene and began to developer for ways to apply Google Glass into healthcare. During Wednesday, the startup had announced that it had managed to raise over $3.2 million in venture capital funding.

Partners and Goal.

This announcement came along during the same day that the startup, made up of 36 employees, began to relocate from their Mission Bay incubator Rock Health and into their own 7,000 sqft Office in Mid-Market neighborhood in San Francisco.

The company, which was formed by a group of students during their time at Stanford University in 2012, Augedmix’s founders had said that the funds received from DCM and Emergence Capital Partners will be used to hire more employees and expand their services. The company’s software is designed to allowed doctor to cut down on paper work and spend more time with the patients, through the use of Google Glass.

Time Consuming.

Taking notes of a patient condition can be a very time-consuming, but necessary part of a doctors job, whether its done electronically or by hand. A study form January has shown that physicians who use electronic health records in exam rooms spend one-third of the time looking at a screen instead of directly communicating with their patients directly.

“Doctors spend more than 1/3 of their day on the computer, inputting or retrieving data from electronic health records. The amount of data and documentation is overwhelming,” said Shakil. “Powered by Google Glass, Augmedix rehumanizes the doctor-patient interaction by delivering patient satisfaction, doctor efficiency, doctor satisfaction and health record quality.”

Augmedix had already being working behind the scenes 2012 to create its service platform, The company has managed to complete several prototypes that demonstrate the significant improvement in physician productivity.

“Augmedix reclaims the majority of the time that would otherwise be spent feeding the beast,” said Shakil, referring to the time that doctors spend on the EHR. The Augmedix pilots also demonstrated high levels of patient satisfaction with the service. This is a testament to Augmedix’s investment in the patient experience. The company educates each patient about the service and gives each the opportunity to decline if he or she so desires. “Patient acceptance and satisfaction has been resoundingly high throughout the country from San Francisco to rural areas,” added Shakil.

“We believe in Google Glass, and we first expect to see an uptake in enterprise verticals especially in healthcare. Ian and Pelu have assembled the right team to lead the revolution. We’ve taken a look at just about every Google Glass startup concept and we’ve yet to see an opportunity as compelling as Augmedix,” said Kevin Spain, general partner with Emergence Capital Partners.


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