Google Glass Explorer Opens Up to The Public.


Google Glass Explorer Opens Up to The Public.

Google has recently made it official for anyone to be allowed to purchase themselves a Glass. Though the use of Google+, from what’s been gathered, the glass team is increasing their stock, and preparing it for the masses. The Glass sign-up page that was open during April 15 sale will also be going live.


While Google hasn’t outright stated that they were selling it to anyone who wished to acquire one, the purchase site doesn’t as for any persona questions to make sure the person who’s purchasing it is someone Google wants as an Explorer. While Glass may be for sale for all, There are a few points of interest.

For one thing, Google is still calling those who purchase the gadget as Explorers. This is most likely due to the program hasn’t been deemed open by Google yet. Even though they’re selling to anyone who is interested, it’s not actually “open”. The requested price is also up to $1,500, which is widely known to be for those “early adopter” price and not a retail one.

This all comes along with the Glass update to XE17.1, which brings Maps back onto Glass. By finding a point of interest on Maps thought the use of an Android phone, users will be able to share it to Glass through the Maps sharing options where Glass will shoq up. Share it with the headwear, and it will force navigation onto the eyepiece, leaving the users hands-free and heads-up.

The My Glass Android application also received  an update, integrating much easier to input WiFi and a changed UI.


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