Google Glass Receives Calendar and iPhone SMS Update.


Google Glass Receives Calendar and iPhone SMS Update.

Google has recently launched its second update for Glass, integrating a calender feature as well as allowing SMS support for iPhone users, as the start of what the wearable teams stated will be more frequent updates from now on. These new features will construct around Glass’s much anticipated KitKat update last week, which Google stated will now allow much quicker feature changes.


The new Calender Glassware includes an agenda card for Glass interface, as well as individual appointment cards in the timeline. Clicking one will allow the title, time, location, and RSVP to be modified, or the card can be either deleted or dismissed. The Calendar functionality can be located and enabled within the MyGass application.

During that time, iPhone users with Glass will now be able to get some of the same SMS support that their android counterparts have been enjoying since the beginning. While its not entirely built into the system, although, a limitation of what Apple is willing to allow their developers to do with iOS.


Users will now be able to receive oncoming SMS shown on Glass, by turning on the notifications for messages, but unfortunately not being able to reply to them from the wearable. Instead, users will have to reach for their iPhone to do so.

iPhone has been on a long lagging trail compared to Android devices for managing and integrating with Glass, while Google only released the iOS MyGlass application during December of last year. Even so, functionality is mixed, predominantly because of the limitation places upon by Apple.

The KitKat update release during the previosu week, promised to arrive with a longer batter life among other things, but also removed video calling support, much the the frustration of some Glass wearers. Google’s arguments was that the feature was buggy and highly unrewarding, and will be taking it back to the drawing bard in order to figure out a better way to improve upon it.

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