Google Glass Will Become Available to The Public For Limited Time.


Google Glass Will Become Available to The Public For Limited Time.

Google has recently announces its plans to throw Google Glass ownership into the open for general access within the US starting Tuesday, April 15th, temporarily doing away with the current invitation requirement. This recent promotion, which will be running for “a limited number of spots” in the Glass Explorer Program, although Google has not said exactly how many units it has to give away. The price will still be an heft sum of $1,5000 with tax.

Confirmed Rumors.

Rumors of this recent move had begun earlier in the day, when a leaked documentation describing the proposal had emerged from the company. The April 15th Offer will also be including not only the Glass itself, but one of the new shades or frames from Google’s Titanium Collection. Announced earlier within the year, These frames will be suitable for prescription lenses, although the $1,500 price doesn’t include a set of custom lenses for those who wish to wear Glass but also correct their vision.

The sale will being at 6AM PDT on Tueday during next week, though Google will be inviting people to sign up in advance since space will be limited. Unfortunately, there are still no option for any international would-be Glass owners to get involved with this juicy deal.

“we’re just not ready yet to bring Glass to other countries,” Google says.

Acquiring History.

The availability for Glass has always been limited since the wearable was placed on sale back in 2012. Originally, only attendees of Google I/O 2012 were able to sign up, months in advance for the first units to ship out, later on Google ran its ” If I Had Glass’ campaign inviting suggestion as to why people or companies should be allowed to be able t purchase the wearable tech.

Even since, existing Explorers have received several set of invitation they could distribute. It’s unclear on how man were willing and able to even afford the Explorer Edition are left without it. What seems to be most likely that this will might be the final push for the developer version of Glass, As Google refines the consumer models. The release date will continue being a mystery for the time being, though it might be expected sometime during this winter.

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