Google Increases The Chrome OS Lifespan By an Extra Year.


Google Increases The Chrome OS Lifespan By an Extra Year.

On Friday, Google has committed to support the software on Chrome OS devices for at least  years after its initial release, an additional year over what it had previously promised to do.

“EOL [end-of-life] dates…will be at least a minimum of 5 years from launch of the hardware,” Google stated on an updated Chrome OS device support site.


A competitor against Microsoft Window’s and Apple OS X, Chrome OS is a browser-based operating system that runs Web applications such as Google Docs and Gmail, rather then using native application such as Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Words. It’s implemented into the created developed laptops called Chromebooks, compact desktops dubbed Chromeboxes, and all-in-ones form LG Electronics called Chromebases.

However, Chrome OS devices aren’t able to run the full extent of software that any other ordinary PC would be able too, they are quite inexpensive, immune to viruses targeted at Windows, and update every six months as Google continues to release a new version of Chrome OS. This can make them will rounded for schools, business, and homes where people need the use of a basic machine for emailing, web-based forms, Facebook, and films.


While a four-year lifespans can be acceptable, many businesses and schools tend to keep their devices around much longer than that. Mircosoft has recently terminated their updates for Windows XP, but only after 13 years of its initial debut, WindowsXP still remains in widespread use. By extending the lifespan of Chrome OS, it could become even more appealing towards customers that are performing return on investment performances.

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