Google Maps Includes New Options For Directions, Offline Maps, and Businesses.


Google Maps Includes New Options For Directions, Offline Maps, and Businesses.

Google Maps for iOS and Android have recently updated with a number of features that include offline support for a specific area.


Beginning with offline support, Google commented that the updated Google Maps application will now allow users to search and area, tap a place, then select “Save map to use offline,” and assign a custom map name for it. To access this specific map when the internet goes down, simply sign-in, tap the profile icon next to the search box in the upper right corner, and scroll to the saved maps.

Other newly added Maps features are Lane guidance and Filters. Specifically, the mobile application shall now help users with turns and exits. If the users is based within the US and parts of Canada and Japan, Lane guidance will show them which lane to stay on or move to while driving. They’ll also see alternate routes while navigating. As for filter, user can fine-tune search resuklts by opening hours, rating, price, and much more.



Google has also announced a new integration partnership with Uber, For example, if a person has the Uber application installed, they’s be able to compare their ride with transit and walking directions driectly from Google Maps. Choosing the Uber option shall then open up the Uber application. Other kinds of public kinds of transit shall also appear on Google Maps, with more than a million public transit stops.

Not only that, but users shall now be ale to see the “most accurate transit information” Simply search for directions then tap onto the train icon, then select “Depart at”. They will be able to choose the time and day they wish to leave. Lastly, Google Maps now allows you to remember where you parked. Just hit the star icon to save a location for later.

“So, next time you’re caught up in a whirlwind of activity, make navigating your world a little easier. Take a moment to grab your phone, open up the Google Maps app, and find all you need to search, navigate and explore the world around you. Don’t worry—we’ve got you covered,” Google explained.


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