Google Partners Up With Luxottica To Bring Glass to Ray-Ban, Oakley.


Google Partners Up With Luxottica To Bring Glass to Ray-Ban, Oakley.

Google has recently announced that its will be partnering up with the frame giant known as Ray-Ban and other brand to create and sell stylish Glass eyewear in the US. The California-based technology giant has dubbed its recent team up with Luxottica as its  “biggest step yet into the emerging smart eyewear market”. Luxottica brands include Oakley, Alain Mikli, Vogue-Eyewear and Ray-Ban.


This statement behind this announcement came from a Google+post as the internet giant seeks a way to refurbish the image behind Glass before its expected release in the US sometime this year. During the previous week Google had went out of their way to debunk a bunch of Glass myths, which include the belief of privacy invasion, distracting its wearers and is only for technological savants.

“If someone wants to secretly record you, there are much, much better cameras out there than one you wear conspicuously on your face and that lights up every time you give a voice command, or press a button,” Google said.

Avoiding Trouble.

During the past February, Google had given its early adopters for the internet-connected eyewear some advice: don’t be “Glassholes”. This was their final suggestion in a their recommended code of conduct that was posted online for software developers and other who are taking part in the Explorer program providing early access to Google Glass.

The company seems to be trying to avoid any problems that can be caused by wearers of Glass, who have been tossed out from all sorts of establishments, due to concerns over the camera capabilities that have been built into the devices. Don’t be “creepy or rude (aka, a ‘Glasshole’),” Google said in a guide posted online for Explorer program members.

“Respect others and if they have questions about Glass don’t get snappy.”

Google has suggested that Glass wearers to always be polite while using the product and to even offer to demonstrate the device so as to comfort and win over those who are wary. Glass fans have been advised to follow the proper rulse set down for smartphone use in businesses.

“If you’re asked to turn your phone off, turn Glass off as well,” Google said. “Breaking the rules or being rude will not get businesses excited about Glass and will ruin it for other Explorers.”


Earlier this year, Google had revealed its partnership with US vision insurer VSP to create prescription Glass and to reimburse some of the costs under health benefits. These will not include the $1,00 price for Glass, which is currently in its beta testing phase with a small amount of “explorers”.

Glass can connect to the internet with either Wi-Fi location, or by using a wireless tethered mobile phone to do so. Pictures and videos can be shared through the use of Google Plus social network. While the testing phase is in place, developers are creating application for the eyewear, which will range from receiving weather reports to sharing videos and playing game.

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