Google Referral Program Offers $15 For Every New User.


Google Referral Program Offers $15 For Every New User.

Google own official blog has recently announced that it will start launching off a new referral program for its online office and productivity programs, Google Apps. The company will be offering Google Apps users $15 as a reward for referring to any new users to the program.

Referral Program and Benefits.

The short announcement on the blog mostly speaks about the beneficial use of Google Apps and includes a link page so current users can sign up to become apart of the new referral program. This program is be launched in hopes that users will spread the word about the companies new productivity suite, which will bring in even more new users.

Google has also included some of their more popular services to Google apps, such as Google Calendar, Gmail, Docs, Sheer, Drive, Slides, and many more. With these Multiple users can collaborate effortlessly and simultaneously, making it one of the biggest reason for having over five million business relying on Google Apps.
Information Required.
Anyone who wishes to participate on Google Apps Referral program will need to provide information to the company such as a valid taxpayer ID as well as bank account details so the $15 referral bonus can be directly deposited. Google will be providing a unique referral link which will allow new users to sign up. Diving deeper into the fine print also reveals that one can only receive the $15 per user bonus, after the company has received its first 100 users who have already paid for the service for at least 120 days. Google Apps referral program is currently only made available for users in the U.S. and Canada.



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