Google Reportedly Developing Tablet With Advanced Vision Capabilities.


Google Reportedly Developing Tablet With Advanced Vision Capabilities.

Google has been recently reported on having a new tablet currently going under development, with some very advanced vision capabilities that can capture a more precise three- dimensional images of objects, according to a report done by the Wall Street Journal.


Containing a 7-inch display, the tablet will arrive integrated with two rear-facing cameras, infrared depth sensors, and advanced imaging software, unidentified sources close to the matter had told this to the WSJ. The company is planning to being manufacturing this tablet sometime next month,  producing over 4,000 prototypes slates.

This tablet has been reportedly said to be a part of Google’s Project Tang, which is supervised by Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group, a skunkworks division that Google had manage to inherit during their acquisition of Motorola Mobility.

This ambitious goal of Project Tango, as Google has previously demonstrated during February, is a way for them to try and apply the capabilities for smartphones to do a realistic 3D mapping and create virtual experience as the phone’s owner move through the real world. The phone’s sensor make more than 250 million 3D measurement every second to develop a 3D model of the device’s a 3D Model of the Devices surroundings.

This project’s suggested applications are ranging from the normal ones, such as capturing the dimensions of a home before furniture shopping simply by waving the phone around a room, to something really useful, such as helping the visually impaired inside an unfamiliar location, to the lighthearted, such as turning a room into a virtual-reality game space.


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