Google Teams Up With Room 77 To Increase Its Hotel-Search Services.


Google Teams Up With Room 77 To Increase Its Hotel-Search Services.

Google has recently team up with hotel booking software startup Room 77. According to The Wall Street Journal, The licensing deal would allow Google to have access to Room 77’s technology while adding more people on its hotel searching staff.


This partnership is Google’s latest move on improving its hotel-search results, which has become one of their more intense money making advertisement for the company. The search engine company has included within the deal to add more photos. rate for rooms, availability information and other content related to hotels and its research results.

Priceline Group Inc. and Kayak will provide a much more convenience for customers searching for hotels then Google. People who use thee sources received a well designed experience for what they are currently searching for.

Room 77 can be accessed through either the web via browser, or smartphones and tablet devices. Customers will also receive information on hotels and bookings through the use of Room 77 very own application, which is currently available on the play store.

Without necessarily having to leave the site or mobile application, it will be much easier for users of Room 77 to book rooms without having to jump back and forth between links, leading towards an irritating process that smartphone users tend to constantly experience. Google looks to use this startup’s technology to help them change the searching experience for its users to appear much more similar to that of TripAdvisor Inc. Priceline and Expedia Inc.


Google will be utilizing tools that perform similar functions, such as Hotel Finder and Google Wallet.

“You might infer that Room 77 was further along than Google,” a person familiar with the company said. “There’s a lot of stuff that Room 77 has worked on, some launched, some not launched, that Google believes will improve the quality of its [hotel]search.”

Room 77 will still be keeping control over every single one of it patents and services such as their brand name. website and applications.Furthermore, Google’s improvement of hotel search results, the deal will also make it much easier to book a hotel room with Google’s voice search function. making the process more hands free.

Room 77 successfully managed to raise over $43 million from various investors and venture capital firms before this deal had been struck. These firms have included General Catalyst Partners and Sutter Hill Ventures, with Expedia also having invested within the startup.

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