Google Voice To Be Merged Into Hangouts Within Months.


Google Voice To Be Merged Into Hangouts Within Months.

After being Introduced last year, Google Hangout has been a highly versatile tool for people to communicate between each other with instant messaging, picture sharing, video, and voice chat.

Recently various sources have been reporting that the Internet giant will be adding the final nail to the coffin, by integrating its Google Voice services, which allows a user to freely make domestic and cheaply global VoIP call by using a Google Voice number.

The site know as 9to5Google has claimed the existing voice application, which has been having trouble gaining any momentum beyond the U,S, and will be “dragged to the trash” with the functionality consolidated into Hangouts, making it a center for all communication needs. Funny enough, this functionality has already existed for the iOS application, but not for the Android version of Google Hangouts.


The Google Voice integration could lead Hangout into becoming a competitor against Skype, more so then it currently is, although if mobile carriers will be thrilled about this move is yet too be seen. Some network have chosen to restrict the VoIP services over mobile data, something that Apple can attest to with its past experience with FaceTime video and voice calls.

The report doesn’t mention a specific timeline for this change to happen, but there a chance that it may happen during this summer’s Google I/O conference may be a possibility .So far, the sentiment from Google fans seems to be: “Just as long as I don’t lose my Google Voice number I’ll be okay with it,” so we’ll see what the company has in store

Google Voice app could be set for the chop with Hangouts to reap rewards


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