Google’s Android TV to Joins The Set Top Box Race.


Google’s Android TV to Joins The Set Top Box Race.

Google seems to be preparing to renew its attempts at gaining a foothold within living rooms the recently found out, from leaked documents, Android TV, which was the previously ditched and named Google TV, and trying to put content rather then individual services at the front. The new platform will have application support, which Google is rumored to be courting developers for at the moment. Taking a more simplistic approach than confusing Google TV, with a much straightforward thumbnail interface and background engineered for recommended content.

Truth to be told, this sounds much more like a reskin for Android than a platform of its very own. “Android TV is Android, optimized for the living room consumption experience on a TV screen” the document, originally obtained by The Verge had suggested.



The UI is supposed to merge with content from various service, making recommendations the primary view rather than having to pick a service like Netflix or Hulu plus, and following it by select from their catalogs. Direct browsing of individual application will become possible, Although, the primary goal will apparently be highlighting selected movies, TV shows, applications, and games.

Game controllers will be optional to be used and supported, but Google’s own standard remote is said to be a simplistic and easy to use affair with a 4-way directional pad to navigate through the catalogs, and then Enter, Home, and Back keys for selection and control.

Voice recognition software for input along with audio notifications, will be added as well, the document went on, but will only be a minority at least initially, Whereas Google TV was made to put search as the sole importance of finding content, Android TV will supposedly aim to make suggestion even more “simple and magical’ through the use of underlying recommendation engine.



The Chromcast has been said that it will continue to run alongside the Android TV, rather then be replaced, according to various sources.

Sample graphics in the document indicated that while Google may own YouTube, Play Movies, and Hangouts will be supported, other famously known third-party service like Netflix, Pandora, Vevo, Hulu, and Songza will also be making an appearance. Rumors of the Android TV began midway through 2013. With Google previously giving up on the Google TV brand and focusing on potentially producing its very own set-top box with a more simplistic approach.

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