GoSpotCheck Helps Keep Track Of Store Marketing Effectiveness


GoSpotCheck Helps Keep Track Of Store Marketing Effectiveness.

Store marking has been a really successful business to get into over the recent years, especially with traditional brands have no way to in knowing the effectiveness of the strategies until after all of their displays have been packed away and campaigns have been finished. But thanks to recent mobile technology, that has changed how everything works.

Introducing a Denver-based startup by the name of GoSpotCheck have recently developed an application that will help retailers collect data, share inventory, and sales information, and allow the user to find out if a certain promotion is working more better then any other. The app can also be used to take field rep photos and answer any question on store promotion, and share the info with management. Using this will leave no delays, the success or even lack of it will be showed during the period the showcase it out in the open and not afterwards.

By checking out GoSpotCheck, a company can find out immediately weather a purchase display at the current time in a store is worth the hefty fee, they can adjust the app to capture any information that would be relevant to that circumstance. On a larger scale, GoSpotCheck can give companies a far more detailed look at the current sales and profitability during that specific time, which would make it a financial statement that can be interacted with.\

Matt Talbot CEO and co-founder of Techstars entered the scene in 2011, the team at the time was looking into a much more different opportunity,  A maternity clothing rental service made available on mobile platforms. This idea was scrapped quickly in hopes of exploring some better opportunities given retail segment a increasingly turning data to make decisions.

Creating software to make operations quicker and easier is always a driving trend,” Talbot said. “We saw that people were moving to tablets and smartphones. The power of mobile was increasing; people travel, but still need to do their jobs in a streamlined way.”


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