Gotta Catch Em All With Google Maps, Pokemon Challenge Game.


Gotta Catch Em All With Google Maps, Pokemon Challenge Game.

Augmented reality Pokemon has manage to become true thanks to Google using their own Google Maps for a April Fool’s Day. Google had decided to have some fun with all Pokemon fanatics, although in very fun entertaining way.

With the use of some amazingly created feature of some unprecedented augmented reality software, Google has managed to launch a fake competition wherein people can seek out every hidden Pokemon that can only be located in real-world areas, allowing people to join Google into the role of Pokemon Master.

Previous Pranks.

Google has bee known for pulling pranks here and there, especially during ever April, ever since 2000, with the efforts of making each year surpass the previous amazing event they had done. 2013 alone had Google announcing YouTube was going to shut down for 10 years in order to pick a “winning Video”, creating a treasure hunt mode for Google Maps, announcing the launch of a gag smell-searching product dubbed Google Nose, and release fake Gmail update that said the software would run better if everything was colored blue.

To Be A Master.

Google Maps Pokemon Challenge is quite obviously one of the numbers of fun hoaxes that will continue running during the duration of April Fools. This video will show the amazing feats and crazy scenarios, such as rock-climbing with your Nexus 5, in order to seek out the hidden Pokemon and attempting to catch a rare Pokemon mid-parachute descent as it passes by.

While joining in on Google fun yet absurd title like Pokemon Master for many people, it still didn’t stop the company from providing smartphone users with a neat April Fools game to play around in during the meantime.

Starting Monday, Google had flooded the iOS and Andriod Maps application with Pokemon, with over 150 of the creatures being located in real-world areas that can be tapped onto “catch” and fills up the Pojedex. The Game is not filled with the original 150 from the initials installments Red and Blue, but the collection of Pokemon seem to span the entire globe.

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