The A Group Launches Sister Company, Textify Mobile.


The A Group Launches Sister Company, Textify Mobile

A marketing and Technology agency within Nashville, Tennessee, by the name of The A Group (TAG) has recently launched their sister company, Textify Mobile, a software-as-a-service startup designed to provide business and organization with an easy to use text marking and fundraising solution.

Unique Idea.

Textify was created through unique entrepreneurial model that gave Tag employees the opportunity to join in on the launch team in exchange for their profit sharing, A couple weeks after the launch, Textify has already shown amazing success, with nonprofit users raising over thousands of dollars and acquiring hundreds of donation by utilizing the texting platform.

“There are more cell phones than toothbrushes in the world,” said Maurilio Amorim, Founder and CEO of The A Group and Textify Mobile. “Our phones are almost always within an arm’s reach, and most texts are read within minutes of being sent. Texting is critical to reaching an audience wherever they are.”

Textify is extremely easy to use and cheaply made text marketing and fundraising platform that gives businesses, artist, churches and nonprofit organizations the capability to communicate with supporters, recruit volunteers, send out special offers, accept donations, and sell their products, all from a single use of a mobile phone.

“We saw an incredible need in the market as businesses and organizations were realizing how critical it was to have a text strategy, but weren’t finding solutions to meet their needs,” said Amorim. “Rather than try to fit our them into existing solutions we weren’t happy with, we decided to dream up our own.”

Behind the Idea.

The idea behind this product was created from The A Group’s decade of experience in working with clients, a big chunk of them being churches, ministries, and nonprofits, who were searching for a mobile marketing solution but unable to locate a service that met their requirements. With their team of marketers and developers, TAG decided that they would be the first to develop such a product.

“We wanted to challenge our team to build something innovative while creating an opportunity for them to become entrepreneurs and reap the rewards of a starting company,” said Amorim.

TAG employees who decided to become a part of this startup have worked after hours as contractors in order to develop, brand, and market the software in exchange for payouts from profits and future profits sharing within Textify. Once the product had launched, work was brought in-house for maintenance, sales, and support.

“We were able to quickly develop a product, launch it, and remain in constant conversation with our early users,” said Amorim. “Those early adopters spoke into ways to improve processes and suggest features they wanted, and we’ve been able to continue to build and adapt Textify to truly meet the desires of our users.”

After weeks of launching, Textify had already seen great success, especially with its text-to- give options. Cross Point, a large church within Nashville and one of the nations quickest growing churches recently introduced Textify Mobile to its congregation and acquiring more than 700 new donors within a single day. Another church raised nearly $10,000 in one day and using Textify.

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