The Hamilton Mill Welcomes Hub Energy Group.


The Hamilton Mill Welcomes Hub Energy Group.

The Hamilton Mill is pleased to announce and welcome its newest client, the Hub Energy Group. The Hub Energy Group is developing a web-based energy efficiency solution that connects certified contractors with residential and commercial property owners. The Hub constitutes a great addition for the organization – both in contributing to an impressive and growing roster of startup companies as well as fitting the newly executed vision for “The Mill”.

The Mill.

With a focus on energy efficiency efforts throughout the region and beyond, Hub is an ideal partner for an organization and city that is leading the region in renewable energy initiatives.

Chris Lawson, Executive Director at The Hamilton Mill, said “Hub is the perfect addition to the growing portfolio of clients working in the cleantech sector at The Hamilton Mill. Their fast growing startup clearly complements the efforts of other innovators at The Mill, as well as the investments made by the City of Hamilton in the advancement of clean energy solutions.” Chris continued, “We’re honored for the opportunity to assist their unique startup and bring to market an online platform dedicated to assisting homeowners and businesses become smarter consumers about their energy usage and costs – an absolutelykey component in advancing sustainability.”


The Hub concept matches up certified contractors with residential and commercial property owners through technology and customer relationship management tools providing a tailored solution that meets the needs of customers. At the heart of this “Hub” technology are several components that complete the framework including efficiency, sustainability, technology, and community. By working with local utility providers Hub can help those entities achieve mandated and non-mandated sustainability objectives. In addition, Hub will guide residents and business owners towards financial tools and rebates that make energy efficiency sustainable from a monetary standpoint.

Shane Monday, Director of Business Development for Hub Energy said, “We have been working on Department of Energy initiatives with utility companies and consumers across the United States for several years bringing all the stakeholders together. We are now thrilled to introduce our comprehensive, one stop energy efficiency solution to the nation from right here in Hamilton and Southwest Ohio.”

Hub Energy is in the process of identifying customers, contractors, and partners that are interested in working with Hub to achieve energy efficiency throughout the region and beyond. For more information on Hub Energy go to

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