Hampton Creek Foods Dish Up $23 Million In Series B Funding.


Hampton Creek Foods Dish Up $23 Million In Series B Funding.

A two year old startup based in San Francisco has been getting attentions from some seriously famous names. People like   Code.org’s Ali Partovi and Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang, to name a few, have been putting money into the Hampton Creek Foods, a Food technology startup company.

Hampton Creek Foods, has recently announced that $23.3 million in series B Funding, which was being led by Ka-shing, an investor for Hampton Creek Foods, own Ka-shing’s Horizons, which has puffed up with $15.5 million. Around $30 millions worth has been rightfully invested in Hampton Creeks Food. The currently new team of investors make up of Yang, Partovi, Googles own Jessica Powell and of course Ka-shing himself.

The company has manage to develop technology to create even more healthier foods for a very low fee, the one’s behind the technology are the ones who also have invested in the company. These include Founders Fund and Khosla Ventures.

Hampton Creek’s own CEO, Josh Tetrick, who was previously a former linebacker during his time at West Virginia University, Commented on the fact that it was “A special moment in time for us” during this series of funding. He claims the reason he got involved with the food technology biz, was after he had an epiphany on realizing he would never be able to make it as a pro football player.

The Goal he had came up with was pretty high-minded of him, it was to replace the usage of eggs with another organic processed product that would still taste like and actual egg, but be created and sold for a inexpensive price.

The company has received praises from various critics of the culinary arts. During theses past three months they have managed to strike up an agreements with half a dozen as of yet to be named Fortune 500 companies that have included some of the wealthiest food manufacturer and retailers. With this healthy dosage of funding they have currently received, The Hampton Creek will be able to get even better equipment, tactical partnerships, and expand their operation even further within the Asia and North America, According to Tetrick.

With Ka-shings having a major influence in China is huge, and with China producing 38% of the worlds eggs supply, this could be a great benefit for them. Horizons firms has put their money into well known companies such as Facebook, Siri, Skype and plenty more.

“Everyone wants a clean and sustainable world, and we love that Hampton Creek is committed to that goal  egg by egg,” Ka-shing said in a statement.


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