Hand Hygiene Startup Hyginex, Invested by Persistent Venture Fund.


Hand Hygiene Startup Hyginex, Invested by Persistent Venture Fund.

California-based Hyginex Inc. has recently been funded by Persistent Venture Fund, an early-stage fund created by Pune-based Persistent Systems Ltd, for a currently undisclosed amount. The company develops a wristband like technology focused on enhancing the hand hygiene programs of healthcare service providers. This funding will help Hyginex expand beyong its current operation in the US.

Hyginex was originally founded in 2008 by Efrat Raichman and Shiva Swami. Swami had previously worked with Sony Pictures & Entertainment, SAP Portals, Excel Life Sciences, while Raichman has experience with introduction of multi-disciplinary technologies, working along with both customers and manufacturers in Korea,China, Hong Kong, Japan and the US.

Clean Hands.

Hyginex has managed to develop a system that utilizes wearable technology and sensors in healthcare facilities that help both doctors and nurses improve hand based hygiene practices. It provides data on both hand rubbing duration as well as frequency. These two key functions are necessary during the process for hand disinfection to kill and prevent transmission of pathogens. Hyginex main goal is to help these institutions eradicate healthcare associated infections that have become a leading cause of more than 100,000 deaths in the US each year.

“Through this investment, Persistent would be able to help us reach our goals of making significant changes in improving patient safety and increasing quality standards in healthcare facilities,” Hyginex CEO Shiva Swami said.

Persistent Venture Fund.

With its launching back in December of last year, Persistent Venture Fund is a early-stage fund that provides seed capital to companies that operate in areas of mobile, analytic, social and cloud computing. The fund also invested on another company based in the US, named ustyme, a free video call application for iPad device.

“Hyginex’s unique approach based on innovative wearable technology protects patients in hospitals and improves global healthcare. To this investment in Hyginex, Persistent brings its expertise and focus on emerging medical technologies,” said Sridhar Jagannathan, head of Persistent Venture Fund.


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