Hastings and Hastings Announces The Launching of its New Website.


Hastings and Hastings Announces The Launching of its New Website.

Hastings and Hastings, a provider of discounted personal injury attorney assistance, is proud to announce the imminent launch of the firm’s new website, which is designed to make researching and retaining a personal injury lawyer easier and more effective. Hastings And Hastings offers clients over 150 years of combined legal experience. Over the last seven years, the firm has effectively saved clients over $11 million dollars in attorney fees. This latest announcement with regard to a new technologically advanced and innovative website is one more indication that Hastings and Hastings continually seeks to deploy new and client friendly technologies in order to improve overall levels of client service.

Legal Firm.

As a legal firm in the Phoenix area that is focused on all aspects of personal injury law, Hastings and Hastings has helped countless clients with a wide range of settlement claims. The firm offers legal expertise designed to help ease the burdens that accident victims injured through no fault of their own typically experience. By launching a new website, Hastings and Hastings will expand its reach in order to help more people that have been injured in automobile accidents, slip and fall accidents, motorcycle accidents and a wide range of other personal injury related accidents. From serious injuries including spinal cord injuries to minor injuries related to minor automobile accidents, helping injured victims recover damages due to untimely accident is what Hastings and Hastings provides. Genuine discount fees for accident victims wishing to file a claim throughout the Phoenix area and around Arizona are close at hand when they choose to contact Hastings and Hastings.

In addition, the professional and dedicated team of attorneys at Hastings and Hastings routinely handle motorcycle collision related accidents that result in injury as well as trucking and 18-wheeler collisions that cause substantial damage and injury and wrongful death cases. Other typical cases associated with personal injury law include serious or catastrophic injuries related with pedestrian accidents and injuries and bicycle accidents and injuries. Injuries commonly encountered with dog bites, slip and fall accidents and many other types of uncommon personal injury related accidents are all addressed through this discount accident injury law firm in Phoenix.


Having served the greater Phoenix metropolitan area and Arizona for decades, Hastings and Hastings offers a genuine discount while providing exceptional personal injury legal assistance. Clients have enjoyed substantial savings on attorney’s fees year after year by choosing to consult with and retain the law office of Hastings and Hastings. Anytime an accident that is the result of someone else’s negligence has resulted in injury, it is important to consult with a personal injury lawyer. Free consultations offered by licensed attorneys and not paralegals or salesman ensures that clients get the most focused and comprehensive legal services available. This recent announcement of a new and innovative website set to be launched in the near future is one more indication that Hastings and Hastings continues to exceed client’s expectations on a daily basis.

Hastings and Hastings is a leading provider of discount personal injury legal services located in and serving the greater Phoenix Metropolitan area. This respected legal firm specializes in assisting individuals that have been the victim of accidents that result in serious injuries resulting from accidents that were not fault of their own. Hastings and Hastings is a trusted and dependable group of attorneys that delivers personalized service and guidance for injury victims throughout Phoenix and all across the state of Arizona. Hastings and Hastings is known throughout legal circles as a dedicated team of professionals and a law firm that has been representing accident victims throughout Arizona for decades. The firm has consistently exceeds client’s expectations with regard to representing a wide array of accident injury cases at times when it matters the most while always doing so with a noticeable discount.

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