Healthy Grid Unveils Their New Cavity-Fighting Sweets.


Healthy Grid Unveils Their New Cavity-Fighting Sweets.

Healthy Grid announced the impending release of a new product to help people fight cavities while enjoying a treat. Loloz cavity-fighting lollipops will be available for purchase soon.


Healthy Grid is best known for their popular Dental Optimizer site which connects people to the most-appropriate dentist in their area. The Dental Optimizer has expanded to become an informational resource, allowing its members to learn how better to take care of their teeth. The principals at Healthy Grid wondered if they could do more to help their members maintain their oral health.

“We’re very proud of the Dental Optimizer and the way it’s gotten people to not only go to the dentist but do better on their own daily tooth maintenance,” says Healthy Grid’s Andrew Clapp. “It’s been a great help to dental groups and insurers too. They’re getting a higher participation rate from insureds and we’re confident that users of the Optimizer will, in the long-term, be better patients- fewer cavities and procedures. We know that some people need a little boost to keep their teeth up and others would just flat-out benefit from a little less sugar in their diets. That’s where Loloz and Xylitol come in.”


Loloz is Healthy Grid’s brand name for the cavity-fighting lollipops developed at UCLA. Dr. Wenyuan Shi is professor and chair at UCLA’s School of Dentistry Section of Oral Biology. Shi was understandably troubled by the high rates of tooth decay in the United States and wondered if he could use some philosophy from his native China to help combat American tooth problems. After testing over 1,000 herbs in 50,000 scenarios Shi discovered an effective tool: licorice root.

The form of licorice root that helps kill the cavity-causing bacteria doesn’t taste anything like licorice candy and, according to Clapp, “licorice wouldn’t really be the flavor to get everyone on board.” Shi determined that a lollipop would be an effective way to get people to try his product because the herb needs 5 minutes of exposure to effectively treat one’s teeth.

“We started with just orange as a flavor,” says Clapp, “but not everyone likes that either so we’ve expanded to include berry and lemon options as well.” The suggested dose is two Loloz lollipops per day for 10 days, four times per year. Clapp explains that while the lollipops may only appear to appeal to children, they’re effective for adults and even senior citizens as well. “Of course they’re great for kids but the dosage, which is benign as far as negative side-effects, is effective on grown ups too. Senior citizens who may reach a point where they can’t brush or floss can definitely help their teeth with Loloz.”

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