Healthy Snack Startup NatureBox Raises $18 Million Series B Round.


Healthy Snack Startup NatureBox Raises $18 Million Series B Round.

One of the fastest growing food brands in the country, NatureBox, has recently announced that they have manged to raise over 18 million in Series B funding. Canaan Partners led this financing round, with continued support from existing investors General Catalyst partner and Softbank Capital.

Living The Dream.

Launched during January 2012, NatureBox delights snackers with a delicious, nutritionist approved snack that deliver straight to the door. and has continued to aggressively expand its operations due to the increase amount of consumer demand.

Beginning from Two years ago, Ken Chan and Gautam Gupta had came up with an idea to turn their own passion for food into a line of snacks that serve the simple purposes of being both healthy and delicious. Meanwhile, they knew that retail shelf space was dominated by large brand names.

With the understand of knowing that consumers want options besides grocery shelves. They decide to use the direct-to-consumer method and sell NatureBox through the power of the Internet. The company had successfully shipped 50,000 orders within its first year and experienced a twenty times growth during 2013 with 1 million orders shipped.

Increasing Popularity.

NatureBox has become one of of America’s fastest growing snack brands. The website has received over 1 million monthly visitors, there are 850,000 fans on their NatureBox Facebook page, and the company has a goal in mind of shipping over 3 million boxes this year.

“We launched NatureBox with a simple mission in mind—to make it easy for snackers across the country to consume healthier and deliciously unique treats. Since then, we have satisfied people’s cravings with expanded product offerings and an exceptional customer experience that sets us apart,” said Gautam Gupta, co-founder and CEO of NatureBox. “We’re excited to continue enhancing our exclusive line of products for our consumers.”

“It’s rare to see a new food service company grow as rapidly and fervently as NatureBox. The company more than doubled its offering of nutritionist-approved snacks and it is clear that on-the-go consumers are clamoring for convenient and healthier snack options,” said Warren Lee, General Partner at Canaan Partners. “As it enters its third year, NatureBox will continue to prove itself as a strong player in the competitive food market and we’re excited to be part of its development.”

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