HelpHub Secures $250,000 For Its Online Tutoring Service.


HelpHub Secures $250,000 For Its Online Tutoring Service.

Vancouver-based startup HelpHub Services has recently managed to secure over $250,000 funding round on Tuesday from Sora Capital Corp. Sora’s CEO is a former NHL hockey play named Paul Reinhart.

Lucrative Industry.

Helphub is a recent up coming startup that was founded in 2013 by a Vancouver student by the name of Miguel Kudry. The online tutoring platform connects students with various tutors by utilizing a social media like feature. which include real-time chat and messaging, as well as online video and voice, without the necessary need to schedule a session or traveling to meet the tutor

This “supplemental educational services industry” has been said  to predicable surpass $10 billion alone in North America by 2017, and HelpHub believes it can be a part of that money making biz. This industry will provides ways for students to receive additional academic instructions.


Helphub is free for to tutors to use, who will also be allowed to create their own availability and price. Students can also sign up for free and search up for tutors based on subjects and published profile. Students will then be able to engage in free instant chat to determine a good enough fit with the tutor. The pricing will begin with $0.17 per minute, with the company claiming that the industry average amount is “upwards of double that figure:. HelpHub has active tutors at the current moment and students at over 50 schools across North America.

The company was founded by 21-year-old and recent graduate in Business Management student Miguel Kudry. During the age of 14 years old, Kudry had developed his own profitable web application for posting and sharing photos in social media sites.

Paul Reinhart ,President and CEO of Sora Capital, had agreed to join the board of directors of HelpHub.

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