Heroku Rolls Out Connect, A Service For Linking its Platform With Salesforce.


Heroku Rolls Out Connect, A Service For Linking its Platform With Salesforce.

During Tuesday, Salesforce.com made their Heroku Connect service generally available and moved to couple it with the Force.com platform to better allow customers to face mobile applications.


This recent development was aimed at giving mobile developers and enterprise a one-sop shop for creating applications. Heroku has been designed more towards startups and smaller developers shops while Force.come holds the data belong to larger enterprises. By combining the two, Saleforce is hoping to allowing more “transformational applications,” stated the vice president of product marketing, Scott Holden, at Salesforce.


To makes things much simpler, Salesforce is making it their goal to tie mobile development with the business processes and data within the background. If its successful, Holden stated most enterprise in the middle between startups and giant enterprise with a lot of resources would be able to improve their customer interactions.

“Startups have been reinventing the experience for the end user,” said Holden. “Why should they have the most fun?”


As and extra beneficial bonus, Salesfource could cross pollinate two customer bases. Salesforce has yet to disclose on the percentage of Heroku customers have overlap with Force.com. Heroku Connect and Force.com integration had been previewed during the previous year at Dreamforce, Salesforce.com’s annual customer get together, and has been running in beta.

Holden has stated that Heroku-Force.com connection is most likely to allow a much better engagement for loyalty, shopping and connected product applications.  “Customer engagement can happen in all types of forms,” said Holden.

“Mobile apps like Lyft and Square have changed customer expectations around business interactions, and are transforming entire industries,” said Adam Gross, VP of product for Heroku. “Every company now feels an urgency to create similarly compelling, connected applications for their customers. By integrating the business data and process strengths of Salesforce with Heroku’s capabilities for consumer Internet apps, Salesforce1 Heroku Connect provides a complete solution to this increasingly critical need.”



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