HeyStak Technologies Announces Its Launch of Advertising Product.


HeyStak Technologies Announces Its Launch of Advertising Product.

The innovative collaborative search analytic startup, known as HeyStaks Technologies, has recently announced the launching of its products that is intent driven towards advertising. The product allows any mobile users to search up any new revenue stream by identifying monetizable user intent.

HeyStaks made the announcement in Barcelona during the opening day of the Mobile World Congress 2014. This event has attracted over an estimated amount of 80,00 industry leader and innovators to the showcase of the modern advancement of mobile technology.

Most of the time when people are using their mobile phones to looking some sort of information, their current expression is usually that of someone with intent or neediness. Usually some sort of factor like the time of day, current location, and their preference has an affect on these intentions. HeyStaks interest in profiling and reputation in algorithms help the users of mobile phones to build up a profile of subscribers that will cause interest in allowing advertisers to reach the correct people and create a positive experience from more interesting advertisement and offer.

This creation of the behavioral profile that has been created by Heystaks can be a strong asset for any mobile users who has been struggling to monetize their investments in data networks.

“Our aim is to make it possible for mobile operators to generate new revenues from the vast amounts of Web activity that they process on their networks every day and to recover the value that they are currently losing to over-the-top providers”, says Dr Maurice Coyle, co-founder and CEO, HeyStaks.


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