Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce To Launch Its First Startup Weekend Event.


Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce To Launch Its First Startup Weekend Event.

Nestled between San Francisco and Los Angeles, Santa Maria is part of a Central Coast hotbed of rising entrepreneurial activity. Set to take place on August 1st – 3rd, Startup Weekend Santa Maria is aimed at accelerating entrepreneurship in an arena where Hispanics account for 70% of the population.

Startup Weekend.

Offering a dynamic runway for launching new ideas, Startup Weekend Santa Maria brings a robust mix of mentorship, idea generation, unmatched networking, team building, and startup community energy.

“Startup Weekend is a legitimate resource for people with ideas and we are delighted to help make this event a reality providing a solid launch pad for entrepreneurship to the local Hispanic business community,” stated Sandra Valdez, Co-Organizer and local business leader.

“The Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce is honored to become part of the first Startup Weekend event in Spanish in the U.S. and excited to support Jose Huitron, Advisory Board member of the HISCEC, with this great initiative.” said Tayde Aburto. “It’s very important to provide access to valuable resources in Spanish to entrepreneurs and business owners interested in growing their businesses. We need to make sure that they have access to everything they need to succeed in the marketplace.”

“This ‘No talk. All action.’ event stands as a true landmark in enhancing the economic vitality of our city and region.”, said Jose Huitron, Co-Organizer and Central Coast Chapter Director of the Latino Startup Alliance. “We are beyond excited to address a growing demand for startup fuel and help share the unmatched excitement of Startup Weekend by hosting an event in Spanish that will foster tangible outcomes and continued momentum.”

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Startup Weekend Santa Maria en Español will take place at MIYB Spaces, the newest cowering facility on the Central Coast.

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