A Look Inside Hong Kong’s Startup Scene


A Look Inside Hong Kong’s Startup Scene

Hong Kong’s startup scene has been picking up lately. Not long ago, Viss was acquired by a private equity company. The reason why the Hong Kong startup scene is getting more and more powerful is mainly because Hong Kong is where investors are headed towards. Unlike China, Hong Kong itself does not have as many strict rules. Most of the social media platforms are fully functional in Hong Kong. Hong Kong also has one of the most beneficial tax laws. Let’s take a look at a few Hong Kong startups.

1. HotelQuickly

HotelQuickly is a startup hotel finding app based in Hong Kong. The app gives you up to time live quotes of last minute hotel rates. The goal of the startup is to be able to allow people to find last minute hotel travel deals. If you are on a last minute business trip or a family emergency, HotelQuickly can help you find an affordable way to travel. HotelQuickly is looking to grow their userbase in the Asia-Pacific Region and the startup is currently operating in over 11 countries.



2. WeLend

Welend is a major hit in the Hong Kong’s startup scene. WeLend is the Hong Kong version of Prosper, a peer to peer lending system.  WeLend has already sourced over US $20M in loan applications and is looking to lead Hong Kong in financial innovation.The startup’s slogan is “Only 2.9 APR, better than a tax loan!” WeLend’s goal is to be able to help individuals build their dreams and achieve their goals through the help of their peers. In 2013, the startup raised 3.5 million USD funding round by major Chinese investors.

welend hong kong's startup

3. Mobexo

Mobexo is another one of Hong Kong’s startup tigers. What’s so special about Mobexo? Mobexo is a mobile payment processing system that uses QR codes and other high tech features. Mobexo allows you to pay for your dining,bar,lunch bills at a lot of supported restaurants. The startup is different from other mobile payment startups. Mobexo will be integrating a multi currency system into their app which will allow you to pay in different forms of currency. No long would you need to get your bills exchanged at the airport. The startup has raised over 1million dollar in funding so far.

mobexo startup



Other Hong Kong Startups include SnapTee, a startup that lets users turn photos into stylish graphic t-shirt designs. Hong Kong’s startup incubators are also growing. They are encouraging more and more upcoming grads to go the route of an entrepreneur instead of the traditionally work for a top company route.


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