Host Virtual Transfers To A Larger Office, Plans To Expand Its Work Force.


Host Virtual Transfers To A Larger Office, Plans To Expand Its Work Force.

Host Virtual, the industry leading cloud hosting service, has recently relocated to a bigger offices within Santa Monica, less than a mile from Santa Monica Beach on happening Montana Avenue, and plans to expand its current staff, in order to support its growing number of customers.

“Santa Monica is the hub of startup activity in Los Angeles,” Kris Slevens, director of customer experience and one of Host Virtual’s new hires, said. “There’s a reason why the area’s being called ‘Silicon Beach.’ This area is buzzing with activity and ideas. It’s a great place for a cutting edge cloud hosting service like Host Virtual. These entrepreneurs are looking for the latest technology to support their ventures. We’re ready to provide them with the best IaaS cloud hosting available.”


The company’s new office come on the heels of a rapid development of 16 datacenters around the world in order to improve local peering ares of high internet use. Host Virtual also frequently upgrades the storage and connectivity of those datacenters to ensure their customers can deploy servers whenever they need them and that they connect to the users at the fastest speed currently available.

Host Virtual offers BGP Anycast, load balancing, and globally CDN support with its cloud hosting infrastructure as a service, or IaS. Over 300 operating system templates can be launched by the company’s customers to its data center that utilize native dual-stack Ipv4 and IPv6 support.

Host Virtual is a cloud hosting provider that operates dual-stack IPv4 and IPv6 IaaS clouds globally. Developed around scalability, self-service and simply to use, Host Virtual customers can deploy Linux, VOIP or FreeBSD servers to any location within minutes. Free from the hassle of complicated, pay-per-minutes or per-resource plans, Host Virtual customers can deploy to any of its cloud locations with unlimited usage for a low, minimum monthly fee starting at under $10 per month.

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