House Cleaning Startup Homejoy Expands To United Kingdom.


House Cleaning Startup Homejoy Expands To United Kingdom.

A Google-backed US startup has recently chosen Long as its European headquarters due to the capital’s increasing reputation as “a great center for entrepreneur”.


Launched at London during Thursday, Homejoy allows people to easily book a house cleaner online. The platform connects people with a network of independent cleaners, each of whom have been curated and tested by the company. This business is the brainchild of Californian duo siblings Aaron and Adora Cheung, who came up with the idea after having struggled to find someone who cloud clean up Aaron’s “bachelor pad”.

started during July 2012, Homejoy now operated under 31 cities across the US, charging a flat rate $20 an hour for a job. The business turns over million of dollars each month and previously in September, Google Ventures and other Venture capital business together invested $38 million within the startup.

First International Expansion.

London will become Homejoy’s very first launching outside North America, Cleaners will cost over £13 an hour and Cheung commented that she expect there to be an extremely strong demand for their services. saying:

 “London to us represents a big market. Our biggest market in the US is New York and we think it’s very comparable to that – the amount of customers here, the amount of cleaners, tech savviness, stuff like that.”

She added: “One thing that’s attractive about London is the huge pool of tech talent. I know this city is just on the cusp of becoming a great centre for entrepreneurs. We’re really excited to be a part of that.”

HomJoy has opened up a 10 person office by Goodge Street and planes to have up to 20 new staff members by the end of this year,

Angela Bradbury, Homejoy’s UK head, said: “London has truly become a home-from-home for Silicon Valley start-ups and the tech talent pool in this city is growing every day.”

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