House Doctors, The Handy Man Service Based in Naples.


House Doctors, The Handy Man Service Based in Naples.

A former Home Depot Manage by the name of Daniel Zurbrigg, has recently manage to open his own House Docters handyman service franchise. With extensive home improvement and management experience, Daniel and his team of skilled handymen offer professional home repair and improvement services to homeowners and commercial property owners who live in Naples, Florida and its surrounding areas.


Zurbrigg who obtained his bachelor’s degree in business management from Florida Gulf Coast University and his associate’s degree from Edison Community College, has held a high level management position with Home Depot and Winn Dixie for a combined 22 years, giving him a great foundation for the start of his own handyman service business. He started his business just last year and is already seeing great success. His customer service rating is in the top 10% of House Doctors franchises across the nation, and he is one of the fastest growing locations that House Doctors has seen in years.

“I wanted to take the leap and create my own personal financial success and well-being for myself and my family and it’s being going great so far. I’m having fun,” said Zurbrigg, 36. “There is a real need for professional handyman services in the Naples area,” Zurbrigg continued, “I built my own house and have rental properties that I work on. I’ve always had that inclination for handyman type work so when I decided I wanted to take my fate into my own hands House Doctors seemed like the obvious fit.” Zurbrigg has maintained a high level of customer service and satisfaction by following the professional House Doctors model. “We have a live person answering the phone and our uniformed technicians are background checked, insured and scheduled to turn up on time. I wanted to bring a trusted and reliable service to the Naples area and I’m pleased to say people in the community are already responding.”


As a new business owner, Zurbrigg recently became a member of the Naples Chamber of Commerce, Naples Area Board of Realtors, and BNI Goal Setters, and he‘s thrilled to use his House Doctors franchise to help the local community as much as possible.

“I’m a local guy and I love giving back to the community,” Zurbrigg added. He recently volunteered for the Collier County Parks and Recreation and Habitat for Humanity, and Kaboom Playgrounds and Junior Achievement in the past. “I’m really excited that I can now use my House Doctors business to stay involved with the Naples community.”

As for the future? Zurbrigg ended by saying, “I love spending time outdoors and at recreational activities with my wife and two kids. Starting House Doctors is a win/win situation for me, it allows me to support and spend time with my family, while helping the people of Naples by providing a professional home improvement service they can trust.”

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