How To Increase Sales By Getting Rid Of Shyness


How To Increase Sales By Getting Rid Of Shyness

One of the biggest problem with startup entrepreneurs is that they think they have the next biggest product, but they can’t sell it. It’s true that some people aren’t natural born sellers. Some engineers are natural born coders and some marketing people are natural born hustlers. Regardless of your role in a startup, it is crucial to have sales skill. At the end of the day your product is useless if you can’t make sales. You could be selling ads, a saas product, subscriptions, pretty much any type of product requires sales. Sales is something that requires hands on practice and going out there to get things done.

Identify Your Fears

The first step to being a rockstar in sales is identifying your fears. Imagine yourself approaching a random person on the street with the goal of selling them your product. What’s the worst outcome that you are afraid of? Is it the fact that you might get rejected or is it the fear of approaching a potential big client? Identifying your fears is the best way to increase sales because it all starts off from taking the first move.

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Most people that I talk to about their fears would tell me that their main fear is approaching that person. One friend told me that he literally walked around in circles making sure that nobody was around before approaching his first client and even then he was still nervous. Fortunately, he had a good chat with the client and closed a sale. He mentioned that, it was the best feeling of his life. Shyness is one of the most common fears that occur during the sales process. We all know that, once we know our clients well, we won’t have problems selling to them the next time. In order to know your clients well, you have to approach them and get to know them. Beat shyness and increase sales.

Overcome Your Fears

Perfect, now that you have identified your fears it’s time to come up with a strategy to overcome it. Sales is suppose to come natural. The best cold callers say something different each time they cold call someone. If you have the same script in mind, it might not get you far. For example if your biggest problem is shyness, then maybe you should start approaching your friends and relatives first. Try talking to them about your product and try to sell them your product. At the same time ask for feedback from them about your process. What can be improved. Then slowly step out of your comfort zone and talk to other people in your circle. For instance, a friend’s friend since that isn’t too far apart.

To increase sales, you must practice your sales skills and improve them from figuring out what works and what doesn’t. As mentioned above, you should make your sales process as natural and simple as possible. Remember that first time you learned to drive a car? It was quite overwhelming right? What about a few years later? Everything seems natural and second nature. Sale skills accumulate overtime like a compound effect, but you must stack up the daily experience to achieve it.

Strategy Strategy Strategy will increase sales

You have to have a base strategy of how to overcome your fears and sell your product. The first strategy that you should ever set in place is how do you overcome your fears. After you have fully overcome your fears, your next strategy should be on how to make the sale. Remember, the first 30 seconds of a pitch is usually what matters most. It’s either you convince your client to continue listening to your product or your client walks away. That is why you need a solid opening strategy.

Shyness and nervousness is a huge problem for some non experienced salesperson. Think about what you like about the product. Does the product excite you? You have to do your best to transfer your excitement to your client, so that the client feels the passion and feels the same excitement that you do. Is there a sort of product that you can talk to your friends about all day without running out of thoughts? How come you could talk to them all day about that product but not the product your selling? Overcome shyness and nervousness.

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In addition to an opening strategy you need to have a follow up strategy. What if your client looks like he is going to say no to your offer? What would you do at that point to save the deal? These are simple planning scenarios that you need to run through your head. Don’t overthink it though, make sure you keep it natural and simple. The whole sales process from beginning to closing is considered to be a strategy.

Listen, Listen, And Listen

Think about the last person that sold something valuable to you. Maybe it was an insurance agent, or a software sales associate, did that person blabber non stop the entire time? I don’t think so. Most sales are trained to listen to your pain points and try to react to them by offering value to you from the product they are trying to sell you.

It is important to overcome shyness and one way to do so is by listening to your client’s pain points. For example if you are selling a new product for your startup that is based on insurance. Ask them what are some pain points they are experiencing with their current insurance policies and what they are worried about. After listening and feeling more confident, you can slowly bring in your startup’s value into their picture. Tell them how your startup’s product will fix their problem and make their life easier.

increase sales

This not only helps you increase sales, but also makes you feel more confident about making a sale. Imagine that feeling after closing a deal. That is the feeling most salespeople drive for and sell for. The accomplishment feeling of being able to close a deal. Being natural and reacting naturally is the best way to increase sales and overcome shyness.

The Ultimate NO

Yes we have to face this eventually. Did you know that on average only 5% of the strangers that you approach convert to closing a deal with you? I didn’t mean to discourage you or anything, but this is all a part of the learning and practice process. The more you do it the more you get use to it. Any startup entrepreneur would tell you that if you don’t learn to fail, you won’t succeed. This is the same with sales. You will eventually become less shy if you fail more often.

What happens if your potential customer says no? Still try your best to convince them by adding more information about how your product will help them. If they still say no, then take it as a no and move onto your next client. Rinse and repeat the same process and make sure you correct your mistake. If your mistake was that you were too nervous and did not get enough information out there, then make sure you speak more naturally in your next pitch. It all comes with practice. A mentor use to tell me that correcting mistakes is the best way to increase sales. Always ask why your client is not interested in your product and even if you do happen to close the deal with them ask them why they like your product and how you can improve it.

Using those feedbacks, you should be able to filter out what clients want to hear and what they do not want to hear. Get rid of the crap that the clients do not want to hear in your next pitch. Again, the more you do it the more you will overcome your fears. Entrepreneurs are trained to deal with rejections. Top sales training programs will tell you to go out on the street and ask for random stuff. For example, they might ask you to approach a diner asking for a coupon or discount. Do you need the coupon or discount? Probably not, but you will learn to ask for things and learn to accept rejection. It’s all about overcoming all your fears. To practice overcoming your shyness, try approaching random people in unusual places and try to start a conversation with them with a topic that you are passionate about. I know it may seem awkward to do so, but what makes you think that you could approach a stranger and engage with them about your product if you can’t even approach a random person to start a conversation with them about something that you are passionate about?

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