Hsoub Leading The Way For Arab Startups.


Hsoub Leading The Way For Arab Startups.

Three year old startup Hsoub has recently hit their goal of one billion ad served per month and have to recently announced sometime during this week, the relaunching of its latest acquisition known as Asnad, an online marketplace.

Hsoub’s goal have been to try and develop a community of opportunities for Arab user on the internet, which has successfully been growing. This grand success lead them into purchasing Khamsat.com, a micro-service marketplace for the Arab community to sell and purchase digital goods sometime back in July 2012. Asand, another market place for virtual goods, has also been acquired along side Arabia Weekly, A digital and technology newsletter, during 2013, from Mohammad Alsahli, the previous owner toward both business.

Hsoub has also lead the creation of three more service startups. Baya press being the first of these to be established, is used as a free service that provide business, NGOs, and startups to release a press and easily spread it around, following that would be Hsoub Analytics, who provide any Arab spokesman with information on websites, and finally Hsoub CAPTCHA, which allows developers to use Arabic CAPTCHA..

Instead of creating a new market place to carve out as their own, Hsoub’s have decided to use Asnad, the first marketplace to exist of its kind, to acquire it and shape it as their own. “We saw a need for an Arabic digital marketplace in the region, and Asnad was not doing well at all,” says Mouad Khateb, Hsoub’s PR rep.


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