Human Demand Purchases The Mobile Targeting Dataset of eDealya


Human Demand Purchases The Mobile Targeting Dataset of eDealya

A leading mobile Demand Side Platform (DSP) with both managed service and a self-service offering, Human Demand, has recently acquired the Mobile Targeting Dataset of eDealya, a mobile Data Management Platform (DMP) that determins audience segments based on dynamic attributes, needs, and desires gathered through publicly available social media feeds using a proprietary natural language interpretation engine.

Human Demand.

With this recent integration, Human Demand accelerates is capability to expand its currently existing audience targeting abilities offered towards brands, trading desk and agencies, allow the purchaser a deeper analytics, superior segmentation, and enhanced audience targeting. Human Demand’s clients will be able to create much more personalized user experiences based on the social segmentation and targeting capabilities provided eDealya’s established dataset.

“This acquisition will empower Human Demand’s clients and self-service platform users to extend the robust targeting capabilities enjoyed on social platforms to in-app, mobile inventory available via real-time bidding (RTB),” said Howie Schwartz, CEO & Founder at Human Demand.


Founded during 2010 and based within Israel, eDealya’s dataset bring to Human Demand an established history of tight partnerships across the mobile ad-tech ecosystem. eDealya currently helps these partners with establishing deterministic matches across channels by leveraging it’s nearly 7,000 direct to publisher relationships and providing nearly 25- attributes per user profile for targeting purposes as a result of its social analysis.

“Advertisers and mobile developers use Human Demand’s DSP & DMP to leverage audience segments for paid media and to monetize mobile apps, respectfully,” said Chaim Zucker, CEO of eDealya. “Currently, the majority of targeting data available on mobile is ported over via desktop datasets via statistical and probabilistic matches. eDealya uses data that originates on a mobile device or from the social streams of consumers to segment audiences, as scale, for mobile campaigns. As a result of this announcement, Human Demand can offer an unparalleled platform for marketers to leverage for targeted paid media buys on mobile.”

eDealya has previously raised over $1 million. The original leadership team included CEO Chaim Zucker & CTO Ophir Sweiry, who have been named advisors of Human Demand – post acquisition. Keith Petri, previously SVP Business Development at eDealya, joined Human Demand as SVP Strategic Partnerships.

Petri added, “It is imperative for both branding and direct response advertisers to respond to social intent with an in-context, on-time, and relevant mobile advertisement in an environment where mobile users spend the vast majority of their time: in-app.”

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