The Humane Eating Project’s Crowdfunded App is Finally Released.


The Humane Eating Project’s Crowdfunded App is Finally Released.

San Diego-based nonprofit organization America For Animals has recently announced the closing of their Indiegogo-Funded restaurant-locating application that allows consumers to exclusively visit those restaurants that have provided either humanly raised, vegetarian or vegan options. The initiative, aptly named The Humane Eating Project raised a total of $10,000 on a Indiegogo campaign.


The Humane Eating Project contains a database that holds over 16,000 restaurants. Only restaurants that have any vegetarian menus or explicity state that they have humane or humanely raised menu options have been included. America for Animals, which advocates animal welfare, has created the application for free in order to make it much easier for everyone to do the correct thing and make the correct choices when it comes to dining.

The Humane Eating Project will set a precedent in the world of restaurant applications. This includes to an extensive database, its will be a complete service locator, filled with Google mapping of restaurants, driving directions and user review of restaurants.


One of the main feature to The Humane Eating Prokect application is the “Watch List”. This list shall inform the user of restaurants who are selling food such as foie gras, veal and shark-fin soup. While all the factory farmed animals tend to face cruelty, they are some that people tend to find particularly offensive and this feature makes them easier for people to not accidentally visit these restaurants that are serving these foods.

“The passion comes from seeing animals in pain. Investigative videos; what goes on in factories, you cannot un¬see it,” said Drees. “The happy farmer with the happy cows, that’s the rare exception, not the norm. These are concentration camps for animals. You have to open yourself up to the issue and take the time to consume information about these factory farms. The information is hard to digest. You just have to take the time to step up.”

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