IBM Watson Purchases Artificial Intelligence Startup Cognea.


IBM Watson Purchases Artificial Intelligence Startup Cognea.

IBM has recently made an interesting move with its recently acquisition of an artificial intelligence startup by the name of Cognea.


This recent acquisition was made by the IBM Watson group and had been announced on their blog post during this early morning. Cognea has described their business as “cognitive computing and conversational artificial intelligence platform”, and builds ‘virtual assistants’ somewhat akin to Siri. However, it’s products claim to be somewhat smarter and can “relate to people through personalities”.

IBM has explained its reasons behind this recent acquisition by stating:

“We believe this focus on creating depth of personality, when combined with an understanding of the users’ personalities will create a new level of interaction that is far beyond today’s “talking” smartphones. We welcome to IBM, [Cognea’s] co-founders Liesl Capper and John Zakos, and the rest of the Cognea team.”


This recent acquisition comes right after IBM revealed their Watson Group in January, aimed at furthering the development of Watson and other cognitive technologies. At the very moment, IBM injected $1 billion into the Watson Group, cash which would used to fund their research and development, and new investments. It’s been really quite busy ever since then as well, investing in Fluid, which is currently creating a cognitive shopping assistant, and Welltok, which develops online healthcare management communities.

IBM has stated that it plans to integrate Cognea’s technology with Watson, giving its artificially intelligent supercomputer the capability to have a more realistic conversations with people. That doesn’t mean we can expect to download a super-smart, walking, talking Wastson application sometime in the near future, although, Watson;s conversational service will only become available for a select customers, business partners, entrepreneurs and academic institutions.

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  • David Johnston

    So how much were they bought for?

  • GreenX3mist

    “What will I do with Watson”. Just an idea… I’d install this AI in a humanoid and send it to rebellious fractions and act as negotiator + intelligence and these can be the 24 /7 patrol folks in big states and countries.

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