Ice House Offers $50,000 Prize For App Development.


Ice House Offers $50,000 Prize For App Development.

A International design and development firm by the name of Ice House, has decide to announced today, its officially partnering up wit Launch Festival, as its grand debut in the North America, with it’s “You Dream It, We Build It” competition, which awards the winner with a $50,000 as the grand prize. Ice House is known for its global design and development services that specialize in mobile technology and a portfolio expertise on geo-fencing, micro-location, contextual analytic and augmented reality. Their partnership with Qualcomm and Signature Creative, Ice House was the on to accomplish the Star Treck: Into the Darkness movie app, requested by Paramount Pictures, and has been one of the first to ever do so in the technological market.

Ice House’s development team found in all reaches of the world such as, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, and North America, have all been specialized in executing sophisticated mobile technologies for clients involved in motion picture, mobile service industries, and retail. Ice House is associated with the likes of QualComm, Samsung, Symantec, Yahoo!, Koprol, and a well known group of Silicon Valley veterans.

Adrian Ligtenberg, Executive Chairman, Ice House comments: “Ice House is focused on using the latest technologies to build innovative mobile solutions. We partner with brands and enterprises that want to create unique user experiences and have been lucky enough to work with some great names including, Qualcomm, WeGo, Guvera and Paramount Pictures.”

Pontus Sonnerstedt, GM of PT Guvera: “Ice House has been a great partner and key to launching Guvera successfully. Ice House provides high quality work, in their UI design, their engineering skills as well as their use of the latest innovative technology. I’ve confidently recommended them to many companies and will continue to do so.”

The competition for “You Dream It, We Build It” will be open for submissions until February 26th 2014. Most of the compitetiors shall be judged by an assortment of experts, those including the likes of Kazuhiru Kiyoshiga of Dentsu and Jason Calacanis of LAUNCH. The winner will win the $50,000 prize money, which will be invested into the team, allowing them to create the app they have always dreamed of creating.

Jason Calacanis, LAUNCH comments: “LAUNCH Festival is going to be huge this year, with over 8,000 attendees and 300 startups presenting. We’re thrilled to have Ice House as a partner and I’m excited to judge their very generous “build your dream app” contest.”


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