Iconic Shop Launches Its Music Merchandise e-commerce Website.


Iconic Shop Launches Its Music Merchandise e-commerce Website.

A unique licensed merchandise named Iconic Shop, has recently announced the launching of its new e-commerce website. Iconic Shop carries officially licensed merchandise from some of the most iconic classic and contemporary musical acts which include such greats as The Beatles, Metallica, Green Day, Elvis, The Ramones, Tupac and more.


Iconic Shop contains a large variety of unique licensed merchandise and memorabilia to satisfy even the most crazed music junkie. Currently carrying merchandise in the classic rock, modern rock, metal, punk, rap, hip hop, electronic, blues, country, and southern rock genres, Iconic Shop is a one-stop shop for your all your favorite bands and artists.

Organized by music genre, product category and artist, customers can browse 135 artists with thousands of items, ranging from high quality apparel and glassware, to Zippo lighters, vintage lunch boxes, hand crafted miniature guitars and a host of other gift items. The simple navigation filter allows users to quickly jump between different artists as well as view all product categories available for a particular artist on one page.


The site will not only focus on carrying the most unique licensed music merchandise available, but also making the customer’s experience on the site as memorable as possible. Highlighting the iconic imagery associated with many artists on the site, Iconic Shop created interactive pages featuring an album cover for each, as well as custom-made banners including famous lyrics and band photos. Users can also access customized Spotify playlists for each musical act throughout the site to continue rocking while they shop. The Iconic News You Can Use Blog includes news and fun facts about each band or artist as well as any upcoming album and concert information.

“We really wanted Iconic Shop to be more than just an e-commerce site, but an interactive place where people who love music can go to find the latest news and information about their favorite artists,” comments Iconic CEO, Tom Spain. “In the future, we’ll look to create a similar user experience for additional artists, as well as sports and lifestyle merchandise.”

To celebrate it’s launch, Iconic Shop is offering 10% off your entire first order for the next 30 days if you enter the promo code “iconicshop2014″ at checkout. Shop all your favorite artists now at the main website. To keep up with the latest product news and promotions, sign up for our free “Iconic News You Can Use” e-newsletter here

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