And Uber Join Together To Provide Benefits For Members of Certain Groups.

1 And Uber Join Together To Provide Benefits For Members of Certain Groups.

Digital identity solution-provider has recently announced a strategic partnership with Uber. With’s award-winning verification technology, Uber is proud to offer $25 off the first ride to members of the military, veterans, first responders and students. Effective immediately, eligible consumers may sign-up for the program at the provided link.


Initially founded by two Army Rangers, is a digital identity network that allows brands to securely offer exclusive promotions to specific communities by verifying the consumer’s group affiliation. Before this, retailers had no way to offer special group discounts online for no widely adopted solution existed in the market whereby a brand could easily check to see if a consumer fit the eligibility criteria for a particular promotion.

“Uber has transformed the way consumers think about transportation by providing more options in what had been a relatively stagnant market. We are delighted that Uber has partnered with in order to recognize our nation’s military and veterans, first responders, and students with a special discount,” said CEO and co-founder, Blake Hall.

Team up.

The partnership between and Uber brings together two of the most disruptive companies in their respective fields. Entrepreneur magazine selected as one of 100 Brilliant Companies in their June 2014 issue. Furthermore, the United States Department of Commerce selected as one of the top five identity products in America in 2013 and awarded $2.8M to participate in the President’s National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace.

Uber is one of the fastest growing companies of all time. Uber won recognition in Fast Company’s 2013 Innovation By Design Award and is more broadly known for changing the way that consumers access transportation services.

To take advantage of this partnership, members of the military, veterans, first responders and students follow a simple, user-friendly procedure. Simply pay a visit to the Id site, verify their identity, receive a unique promo code and sign up with Uber. The offer is currently effective for eligible consumers.

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