Ideapod, A Whole New Way To Use Social Networking.


Ideapod, A Whole New Way To Use Social Networking.

There maybe plenty of social networks out their but none of them are like this recent up and coming startup that has the idea of being able to free express one opinion or even start a proper conversation due to the nature of said social networks. Most of them are used to either post some pretty little picture or maybe make a post and comment on something you found. But what if their was a site where one could have a proper discussion instead of using it to connect with friends and family.

Enter Ideapod, A whole brand new online social platform that can be used to share and debate on all sorts of important matter and ideas ranging from even the simplest of things like the weather, to even one’s own first crush. The interface is somewhat similar to Pinineterst, and shows off a large category of boards filled with video’s  and images of all kind, along side with the chance to state your opinion on them with a limit of 1,000 characters.

Ideapod wishes to create a community of people who can come together and have a true discussion or even inspire each other in a positive way on the internet. The network currently consists of over hundreds of influential leaders and another couple of hundreds of leading partners. These would include such groups as The New York Stock Exchange, YMCA, And the United Nation themselves. Co-founder Mark Bakacs has made a statement on what the sites goals shall be:

Though the internet is brimming with ideas that could provide solutions, these ideas often get lost in the noise of the web. Our aim is that Ideapod becomes a home for those ideas which are transformative and turn these challenges into our greatest opportunities and lead to meaningful change.


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