InAiR, A Device that Augments Television.


InAiR, A Device that Augments Television.

People frequently watch television as they frequently use their personal computers or mobile phones. Multi-tasking between wanting to watch your favorite shows and keeping up with the flow on information from the web can be quite difficult, especially with those that might have their televisions and computers placed in different positions. Now Theirs no need to fret thanks to this latest invention by a San Francisco based startup.

InAiR allows ordinary televisions to be turned into a Augmented television with nothing but a simply plugging the InAiR device onto your television. The device turns the TV into a amazing medium, filed with spectacles and diverse information that will flow in from the web. The device uses the television screen and layers addition content from various websites and social media visited by the users.

InAir doesn’t require any specialized or extremely expensive television. Any standard television will work just fine, and 3d Tv owners will not have to worry as it will be compatible with them as well. Activating 3d Mode causes layers upon layers of internet content to be placed in from of the screen and can be manipulated by the users. The layers will appear as if they where holograms only imagined in movies and float “in the air”.  This video provided should give you an example of what we just described.

The quality of the InAiR layers will be in high standards and will run smoothly with no hiccups from any sort of animation. The graphics will be clean and simple, with the interface being simple and easy to use. It’s been designed with to be manipulated by touch gestures, just like a smartphone would be used.

InAiR comes in HDMI cable. You simply plug InAiR between your TV and your set top box. InAiR connects to your wifi, with no complicated setup process. Simply “plug and play.”

This devices is very intelligent and can identify when the user is watching TV. It will automatically gather any information relevant to the show currently in watch from various social media sites, and then process and place them in layers of web information in front of your screen in real time, with no delays. InAiR can liven up a persons experience when it comes to watching television.

InAiR intelligently identifies what you are watching on TV, automatically gathers relevant Internet and social content, and then processes and places these layers of Web information in front of your TV screen in real time, on demand. InAiR can use the vast amount of readily available free content on the Internet to enrich your viewing experience at launch.

Here is another example showing off the InAiR device in motion:

InAir is currently running a Kickstarter campaign in hopes of releasing their device and enriching the lives of many with a brand new way of watching television. If you wish to support them please follow this provided link and donate what little you can.



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