Inbenta, That Startup That Helps Companies Transfer to Cloud.


Inbenta, That Startup That Helps Companies Transfer to Cloud.  

As of Recently Inbenta has announced that its manage to secure over a $2 million Series A investment led by Amerigo. Currently, Inbenta has set their site on helping he e-commerce market transfer over to cloud based operations. For Inbenta, Seeing companies struggle to make the move because of barriers such as cost, time consuming implementation, and not enough control over cloud based system provides the perfect opportunity to offer products that integrates Semantic search and A.I. Technology that can terminate these challenges.


With companies migrating over towards cloud based application to run IT departments, the trend is effecting both startups and season brands looking to get in on all that companies like Google can offer. Companies unsure of cloud computing is the correct choice are faced with competitors who are already making the transfer that will most likely to take years to come. In order to help with the migration, Inbenta is moving towards offering more alternatives to enhance tools like Google’s applications.

There alternatives will be positioned to help the adoption of Google’s suite that have a total of 5 million organizations using applications, and more than 50 million users connected. The goal for this transition is to enhance and increase the way business operates and interact with customers. These new tools will focus on helping companies stay fit, self operated, with low cost systems that offer stronger insights into behavior matched with controllable automated self-service solution to make a customers experience far better.

The work ahead for Inbenta shall focus on the 9.7% of computing workloads run in the public cloud which is expected to change towards 30.2% within just five years, with a 44% annual growth. This annual growth Inbenta expects to captilize on its views on seeing products like Google applications used by over 1000+ users, with more and more Google Apps admin transitioning entire IT infrastructures to the cloud.


With the cloud based enterprise email marketholding at 50% its pretty obvious where companies will base their production source. For Inbenta in the decade to come, where they expect to see a large growth in cloud based suites for businesses larger and small who will need solutions that offer deeper levels of knowledge about the behaviors of customers. With control being the main priority to business making this disruptive change, Inbenta’s new alternative are expected to alleviate the demands crated not from And with enough “back office” applications.

Granular control in the cloud is one of the biggest pains organization worry over, and we want to provide and solutions to that”, said Jordi Torras, CEO of Inbenta.

These solutions are tools that will make the transition much easier with more functionality and strong control over “back office”. Business looking for this control, will be able to own their Media instead of outsourcing to third parties while augmenting products like Google search Appliance for a more intelligent search experiencewith a clear understanding of the sale cycle of a customer.

Inbentas plan to enchance their customers experince thought the use of intelligent interactions with the use of A.I based product was triggered by the market prior mobile migration. Everyone from developers building responsive frameworks like bootstraping and Foundation 5, as well as devices like Chromebooks and iPads are picking up speed operational tools within companies. With people wanting quick, mobile, and low maintenance, Inbenta recognizes that need for flexible data in user experience and device experience.

Inbenta moves to focus on mobile first, control, decreased cost, and new forms of interactive expereinces is opening the door towards new opportunities for businesses to create the most out of the Google application platform. As long as google encourages companies to continue making transitions companies like Inbenta will offer software that integrates with Google because it cuts off Microsoft’s market source.


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