Inbound Marketing Agency Digital Flavor Rolls Out Content Catalyst.


Inbound Marketing Agency Digital Flavor Rolls Out Content Catalyst.

Inbound Marketing Agency Digital Flavor today announced Content Catalyst, a product to attract more traffic, convert more prospects, and win new customers for mid and enterprise companies.

“Content Catalyst combines the best parts of content marketing, custom design, social media and copywriting,” said Jonathan Wickham, CEO of Digital Flavor. “We develop a custom inbound marketing strategy for each of our clients.”

After Google algorithm changes like Penguin and Panda, many companies’ search engines rankings fell and as a result, they lost business. Bucking industry trends, Digital Flavor actually saw their rankings rise.

“Our own strategy has moved us to a dominant position in Google’s Organic Results, which has meant the world to the company. After the last Panda update, Digital Flavor moved from the 22 spot on Google to #7 for the term “inbound marketing agency.”


According to Wickham, the two most important factors in Digital Flavor’s success are expert writing and a clear strategy. Their philosophy is specifically designed to drive traffic that converts to sales. “Rather than trying to trick Google as some attempt to do, we try to add value to our client’s brand with high quality content, design, and messaging.” The strategy seems to be working, says Wickham. “Digital Flavor has been experiencing incredible growth.”

Digital Flavor looks for a higher end client and takes a long-term focus. Unlike many agencies, Wickham values a true partnership and plans to have no more than 100 clients. “We believe in daily communication and extreme customization. It is difficult to give that level of service when you have thousands of customers.” Instead, Digital Flavor targets premium level brands interested in long-term, sustainable results.


Digital Flavor.

Digital Flavor’s product is positioned to naturally attracts people by building content that gets shares, links, ranks, and ultimately sales. Client Todd Olson, co-founder of Lifestar Therapy, says, “We’re getting new leads, and we have a real plan for the future. Working with Digital Flavor has been fantastic and we’re excited for what the future holds.”

The days of trying to get sustainable listings in search engines through manipulative link building are gone. Many have been hurt by this kind of short-term thinking. Today, the key to online success is having a well-executed inbound marketing strategy.

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