inCync, The Easy To Use Portable Blue Tooth Speaker.


inCync, The Easy To Use Portable Blue Tooth Speaker.

Every wanted a more clearer speaker for you smart phone whenever you listen to music, or talk to someone on speaker mode? Well, today we shall introduce the inCync. This little device allows a user to connect their mobile platform device wireless with blue tooth. This gizmo is not only very light, but can help a person by keeping there hands free of use and it can fit anywhere.

inCync can be used to make and receive phone calls with no hassling of holding your phone. You can keep your mobile phone safety tucked in your pockets or and sort of holding, and not have to worry about having it take space in on your hands. It can also be used to listen to music , audio books, broad casts you name it. Its also hand when it comes down to having to use the GPS system to reach your destination.

The Device can interacted with Siri on iphones and any Android assistant app downloaded to your phone.

The inCync can easily clip on to various things, such as clothing, backpacks, straps, practically anyplace that will work for the users. The inCync is also very light weight only, around 26 grams, so there no need to worry about feeling like your lugging some sort of heavy ball chain. The built-in audio device has a smaller but extremely strong amplifier that sends the kind of sounds you would normally hear from bigger portable speakers. The phone calls made over phone calls make the sound quality extremely crisp and clear to listen on. inCync can also be turned into an audio-port that turns anything wired into a wireless.

The device is currently having  Kickstarter campaign, if you find an interest in this and wish to donate then please follow the provided link below.


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