Indonesia’s Ecommerce Scene Is Something We Should Pay Attention To


Indonesia’s Ecommerce Scene Is Something That We Should Pay Attention To

The internet has been growing rapidly in Indonesia. A few years back, it was easy to be the dominant startup in Indonesia because startups barely had any competitors. Now more and more web solutions are being built and more ecommerce sites are arising. Even though, Indonesia has a strong growing internet base, people were still worried about shopping online.

Google Survey

Recently Google conducted a survey to test the Indonesia’s ecommerce future. The results are extremely positive and show signs of potential massive growth in the ecommerce and consumer market. Google and TNS teamed up together to work on the survey. In the survey, Google interviewed over 1300 Indonesians. Half of those people told Google that they shop online often, and the other half said that they will purchase something online within the next year.

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Most of the people only wanted to buy useful things online. On average, only 2 out of 5 people that they interviewed will buy any type of fashion items online. None of them were worried about shipping time or anything related to that. Most of them felt that items online are overpriced.

Where Are The First Time Shoppers Going?

Since many Indonesian will be first time shopper, it was a crucial part of the survey for Google to find out where will these shoppers make their first purchase. There are a lot of ecommerce solutions out there in Indonesia and many of the top trustable ones are priced the same as their competitors.

During the survey, a lot of participants mentioned that they are familiar with how online shopping works and most of them find relevant ecommerce sites through ads that they see. Almost all of them said that they usually don’t type the product that they want to buy into Google, instead the consumers usually just stumble upon an ad or related link article.

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This is extremely important information because it shows the power of online advertising in Indonesia. Like the other countries, a powerful ecommerce scene always come with a rising advertising scene to balance out publishers and advertisers. About 79 percent of online shoppers would do research after seeing an online ad, while 85 percent use the information from that ad when conducting product research.

In most countries there are usually more social media users than shoppers. In Indonesia, there are more shoppers and potential shoppers than social media users. It seems as if Indonesia will have a very powerful ecommerce and online shopping market soon. Can’t wait to see more startups rise from Indonesia’s startup scene.

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