InfoHounds Kicks Off “Five Integrations in Five Days” Campaign.


InfoHounds Kicks Off “Five Integrations in Five Days” Campaign.

InfoHounds, INC. a Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) provider of advanced mortgage marketing solutions, kicked off a series of daily announcements as part of the company’s Five Integrations in Five Days campaign by unveiling a seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

“Starting with Microsoft Dynamics, we are unveiling a new integration of InfoHounds with a different, leading CRM each day this week. Each of these integrations will deliver our solutions directly into the systems that thousands of mortgage professionals already use, so adopting our technology is painless”, explained Jason Kelley, CEO of InfoHounds.


The Five Integrations in Five Days campaign has a broader, strategic message, according to the InfoHounds CEO. “We decided to push ourselves to roll out five major integrations all within the same week in order to highlight the flexibility and convenience of our API-driven technology. What this initiative really showcases is how ubiquitous and platform-agnostic InfoHounds can be. The types of solutions we provide were previously unavailable or only available in a handful of existing CRM’s, but we are changing that and mortgage firms like it.”

With these integrations, mortgage professionals can now sync their existing database of clients and prospects with InfoHounds’ powerful engine in just minutes with no technical skill required. As an example, a mortgage originator can now attach InfoHounds to their existing Microsoft Dynamics CRM with a few clicks. InfoHounds will then compare existing CRM data with vast amounts of real-time market data to identify when a former mortgage client has re-entered the housing market and then feed that intelligence back into Microsoft Dynamics so that the originator can pinpoint their retention marketing efforts.

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